elegant, sensuous, bespoke

They offer a new contemporary way of self expression and style for the bedroom or boudoir photoshoots. Designed to bring out the utmost sensuous flair you never knew you had. Each piece is made with precision and inspired to elevate all beautiful body shapes and movement.
The garments vary in price from $250 - $400 AU depending on detail, colour and style. Please be mindful, these pieces are all designed and handmade with premium natural materials. If you did have a budget, please let me know before we start the design process.
Postage and Packaging charged separately.
A 25% deposit is required to begin the made to measure garment, the remainder to be paid once you're happy with the finished piece.
Click HERE to view the measurements required and simply send your details via the email box below. Alternatively, email hello@mrmacrame.com
Turnaround time is approximately 2 weeks, but will be confirmed once ordered.

Product Care
To prolong the life of your boudoir, wipe clean after each wear. If dirty, hand wash the cords in cool (not hot) water. To clean, delicately fully submerge your boudoir macramé in cool water and diluted hand wash soap.
Gently pat dry with a towel and lay flat to dry. Be careful with the cords, do not scrub or apply direct heat to them as this may damage and untangle the rope.

Once dry, gently steam your piece. When storing, hang it ready for that next special occasion.x

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