When craftsmanship meets creativity

Founder Peter Williams started his creative journey at childhood where his grandparents owned an arts and crafts shop in the UK. The shop 'Gemini' was filled with jewellery beads, threads, moulds and every DIY kit you could imagine. It was very much a 'look don't touch' situation whenever visiting.

Influenced by this upbringing, he explored fibre arts in 2016 and learned the basics of knitting and crochet while working in fashion retail management across the UK.

Later moving to Melbourne, Australia, Peter tried his hand at macramé and decided to take his creativity further by starting the business 'Mr Macramé'. With popularity of his designs and modern take on the art-form, this allowed him to hone in on the craft, perfect his skill set and explore new boundaries within macramé.

This grew from strength to strength which took him out of working from home and into an art studio, to a shared gallery space, to opening his very own Atelier in 2022.

It’s within these walls that the imagination of 'Mr Macramé Couture' came to life, showcasing his dedication and craftsmanship to the public while working alongside renowned photographers, performers, artists and models across Australia.

With plans to move the business overseas late 2023, Mr Macramé looks to push the boundaries of his dressmaking further by incorporating more sustainable materials within his practice. Mr Macramé is always seeking new opportunities for collaborations within the fashion industry and can't wait to see more of the ancient craft Macramé in more Ateliers and fashion houses worldwide.

Carrousel Corset


Hermes Corset & Headdress

'Trapped Emotions' - Hoop Dress

Lady Peacock Lounge

Desert Dancer

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